Personal Training and Pilates

Terri has found Pilates invaluable to her practice as she has discovered that Osteopathic
treatment together with Pilates exercises are a winning combination!
When a patient is in pain, very often the muscles compensate and take on a different role.

For instance, when there is osteoarthritis in the hip joint, the gluteal (buttock) muscles will
frequently switch off from their normal (hip movement), function and adopt a more
stabilising role, thus adding to the restriction of the hip joint itself.
Osteopathic treatment will aim to improve the pain free range of motion of the affected hip
joint and relax any associated muscle tensions and/or spasm. However, the (stabilising)
gluteals won’t “know” that they can now return to their normal function and continue to
stay switched off. Specific Pilates exercises to target the gluteals and the hip joint itself will
then rehabilitate the muscles so that they can go back to their correct role in the body.

Pilates and Osteopathy also complement each other in that both disciplines take a holistic
view of the body. All patients will experience a whole body approach when seeing an
Osteopath as their treatment will ensure that all muscles and joints will be functioning to an
optimal level for that individual, with particular focus on any obvious restrictions that are
the primary source of pain.
Pilates exercises then help to maintain optimum function as a balanced program will
address all muscle groups and all joints. Each class or session will take an individual through
all ranges of motion, thereby improving mobility. Focussed strengthening Pilates exercises
help to maintain good mobility, correct alignment and posture and of course, core strength.

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